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Barefoot Basics
Modern Hoofcare for the Horse Owner taught by Lockie

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What Does It Teach You?

The basics of modern hoofcare, in simple easy English. 
Barefoot Basics teaches Anatomy, Diet & Digestion, Pathology, Lifestyle, Basic Trim Techniques and Refinement Trim Techniques.  Topics covered include but are not limited to, the connection between diet and hooves, the connection between lifestyle and hooves, laminitis, navicular disease and syndrome, body condition scoring, alternative protection devices and strategies, glue on shoes, hoof hardeners, homemade hoof pastes and much more.  Scientific resources are provided and research cited that informs and supports every single fact and technique taught on the course.  This is the perfect place to prepare your hoofcare for your horse, at a very high level!

What Doesn't It Teach You?

Intermediate and advanced hoofcare and trimming is not covered in Barefoot Basics.  Barefoot Basics does not give you a universal trimming method or trimming plan you can use on any hoof.  We do not use one method but are led by the needs of the individual hoof, and good, well informed techniques. If you require intermediate or advanced trimming instruction, Lockie offers comprehensive subscription and private services to teach and support your hoofcare journey further.

How Does It Teach You?

6 hour 40 minutes of Video Tutorials
33 Tutorials, both Theory and Practical
10 Tests
Downloadable PDF Booklets
60+ Downloadable Visual Slides
Professional Online Course Platform, mobile compatible (Udemy)
In plain, simple, clear and easy to understand English
Transcriptions for ESAL students
Captions for the hearing impaired

Who Does it Teach?

240+ students

Students in 28 Countries
Students who speak 15 different Native Languages
4.9/5 Star Rating on Average

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5 Star Student Reviews

"Super clear, easy to understand, Lockie doesnt speak too fast and the demonstrations are very clear." A.E.S Aasen

"This is a nice overview on a number of theoretical topics as well as touching on strategic decisions and specific physical methods for trimming.  Programs like these, empowering owners to be knowledgable stewards for their own horses' care are invaluable in situations like mine. "  L. Coulter

"This is an amazing course. Just what I was looking for. Thank you Lockie." D. Rankine

"Easy to understand, step by step information." G. Thuner 


"I grew up learning traditional farrier care as a family member did it as a business. I knew a good amount but never personally indulged myself in the world. I was recommended Lockie's course to really get a basic understanding which helped me understand that I both know a lot and very little at the same time. I am thankful that something so clear and simple is available to get started in a new journey of care and so many recourses to come back and look to when I want a more deeper understanding of things. Thank you Lockie! " S. Tuchscherer

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Helping you to care for your horses hooves, with well researched, easy to understand, scientifically modern techniques that preserve your horses natural hooves

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