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1. An act of moving back or withdrawing.

2. A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

3. A period or place of seclusion for the purposes of prayer and meditation.


We are preparing a home for your horsemanship discoveries. 

A place where you can come and meet with Lockie, and his family and his horses Sanson, Caleb, Sureño and soon, Oki.  A place where your horsemanship can be discovered without force or threat, where you can discover how relaxing and enjoyable horsemanship can be, when you have a deep felt sense of care with a horse. 

Retreats will be for a long weekend, or one week long.  With options for fully catered, live-in experiences, to options of staying in a lovely hotel in the village, 2 minutes drive away. 

Lockie's home and horsemanship centre is located in central Galicia, beautiful North-Western Spain.  Famous for its lush green fields, long Spring, warm Summer, long Autumns, and short but wet winters, Galicia is one of Spain's best kept secrets. 

You are invited to come and learn about Emotional Horsemanship, species appropriate horse keeping and Hoofcare in an intimate, safe and supportive environment.  Retreats will include groundwork, and ridden lessons if the horses consent to it. 

Though it is still some time until we are open and running these, we are taking names and contact information for people most interested in attending a retreat.  Those who make their application below will be the first to know about availability. 

Retreats will be conducted for a maximum 3 people at one time, will be offered on a limited basis in the early summer, late summer, and autumn, annually. 



Must Have
1.  Studied the Emotional Horsemanship Foundation Online Course
2.  Worked with Lockie on a Coaching Call, Clinic, Video Review or Live Lesson (Minimum x 1 booking)
3.  Health Insurance covering you in Spain for equestrian activities

4. 18 years old or over, or attending with a parent or guardian

Good to Have (But not essential)

1. Prior experience with horses

2. A horse of your own back at home
3. Willingness to try something new

4. A friend, family member or partner to join you

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