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Come home to your body with this body conditioning and movement training course, designed for equestrians

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What does it teach you?

Body Instrument Method teaches you how to make your body a better instrument for your horse and your horsemanship. 
Instead of using outdated science; forcing you to fit your body into forms, positions and movements called "correct", we explore healthier and more modern ways to train your body. 
Allowing all movements and positions to be good positions, and never getting stuck anywhere in your body, helps you adapt to your horse better, avoid injury, and be more agile and co-ordinated around your horse. 
BIM helps you feel more at home in your body, how to express meaning with your body, and the ties between certain movements and intrinsic emotional systems. 
We introduce the 7 Simple Movements, that underpin all quality, non-coercive body language communication and horsemanship skill; PRESS, SWING, SUSPEND, BOUNCE, SLIDE, SQUEEZE, DRAW
BIM is the Emotional Horsemanship course that trains the body, and the mind to move better, feel better and do better with your horse. 

How does it teach you?

81  Lectures

16 hours, 31 minutes of educational content
Downloadable music tracks that match the exercises
Exercise explanation tutorials
Work out tutorials

Group Coaching Recorded Zoom Meetings with Students
Theory and Science tutorials
Downloadable PDF study slides

Captions for the hearing impaired

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Who does it teach?

70+ students since January 2023

Students in 15 countries

Students of 6 different language groups
4.9/5 Average Rating

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