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Did you ever wonder

"Horses did not evolve to be ridden.  Maybe I shouldn't be on their back at all?"

Do you hold yourself back from saddling up and heading out on relaxing, peaceful trails, or exercising your horse quietly in the arena, because you hold a deep worry that riding is fundamentally damaging to a horses physical, mental and emotional health?

Do you feel SELFISH for riding at all?  Or worry that you may be gently exploiting your horses for your own fun... and can no longer ignore that niggling feeling? 

This SELFLESS RIDING WEBINAR, will show you the scientific data, the empathetic feelings and helpful suggestions for training techniques that help YOU to ride your horse more SELFLESSLY 

Result of 10 years of research and professional experience training and rehabilitating horses, this webinar happened once in 2021 and was a huge breakthrough for a lot of horse people.  This years webinar is improved, updated and extended to show even more strongly the scientific and empathetic framework which supports riding as a healthy activity that most horses can enjoy on a regular basis. 

FIRST HOUR: Live Presentation
SECOND HOUR: Q&A and discussion

Nada que reservar ahora. Vuelve a intentarlo pronto.

Sunday 17th July
Two Sessions (To allow for international attendance)
Session 1: 08.00 CEST
Session 2: 20.00 CEST

(Click booking service below to see those times in YOUR time zone, and to reserve your ticket)

Both sessions will present identical webinars. Pick the time that suits you best. 
Limited numbers! First come first serve

Can't come live?  Purchase your ticket and get the recording plus free 30 minutes discovery call to answer your questions

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