Each day sold separately. 21-22-23 September 2023.

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  • Wildsong Ranch

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​DATE Thursday 21, Friday 22 & Saturday 23 September 2023 LOCATION Wildsong Ranch,  www.wildsongranch.com ​ CAN YOU HAUL IN?  Yes. Contact Wildsong Ranch or Hatha Equus to arrange accommodation for your horse/s for the clinic ​ WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anybody who owns, loans or can borrow a suitable horse.  Horses must be a minimum age of 4 years.  Horses younger than 4 years old are advised to book for private lesson.  No stallions.  Stallions should book private lessons.  Horses must be physically healthy, with recent hoofcare, adequate body condition, fitted tack, up to date with worming and vaccinations CLINIC HOST Hatha Equus.  hathaequus.com Elizabeth Riecks- elizabeth@hathaequus.com Giorgia Ghizzoni- giorgia@hathaequus.com TICKET COSTS Participant: 489 Euros per participant PER DAY Basic Auditor: 104 Euros per person PER DAY Premium Auditor: 203 Euros per person PER DAY 1.00 Euro = $0.99 - $1.100 USD WHAT WILL THE CLINIC BE? A structured program in Emotional Horsemanship, a horse training method using science, empathy and feel to create emotionally balanced horses.  Specialising in creating connection, communication and clarity with recreational equestrians and their personal horses.   A 'Tasting Menu' of the various techniques Emotional Horsemanship can offer, taught in a slow, safe and patient manner. 

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Cancellations and rescheduling is available until 12 hours prior. Cancellations or rescheduling later than 12 hours prior to appointment, appointment is charged at full price and new appointment needs to be arranged. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Hatha Equus, 10069 N 65th St, Longmont, CO 80503, USA