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Secure your Spot at the FIRST Emotional Horsemanship Retreats in Spain, Summer 2024

Retreat Structure

4.5 days

4 people at a time

Structured Educational Program taught with the EH Horses and Lockie in his private home, in Galicia, Spain


Theory, Groundwork, Riding or Riding Preparations, Body Conditioning, Meditation and... siesta time... included

Partial catering included

Accommodation not included

Travel to Spain, not included

Payment Plans available

Minimum age 18, unless attending with legal parent or guardian.

Available upon request only

Fill out the form below to apply to attend a retreat in 2024


Holiday Sales Retreat Early Bird Sign Up Form
Check the services you have used in the past with Lockie
Select which Retreat Dates you are interested in, or availble to attend (Dates will be confirmed when your spot in the reteat is confirmed)
Thank you for your Retreat Application.  Please be patient while we sort through applications.  We will be in touch directly to your email, to confirm your spot and dates.  
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