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Summer Semester Starting June 1st

Join the Wait-List on the form below.

99 € per month, per horse

(Available after 1 Semester Intensive)
65 € per month, per horse
June-August 2023: Summer Semester
September-November 2023: Fall Semester
Join Hoof School Online

HSO Diagram Bookings
Subscribers, reserve your services here

Be sure you have done the following before booking your services within the subscription
1. Studied the Trim Guide PDF start through to finish and understand all of the techniques and colour codes
2. Have watched the "HOW TO HSO" video above, and understand the program
3. Have set aside the time to trim your horse using the diagrams provided

  • SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Book your diagrams here

    Lun, Mié, Vie

    1 hr

    Subscription Paid
  • Schedule your review of trims here


    1 hr

    Subscription Paid

Additional Services for HSO Subscribers

Subscribers can redeem additional assistance outside of diagram support with the following two services. 
Subscribers, you can redeem x1 of the following two services per month included in your subscription
This is x3 in a semester.  
Choose between Hoof SOS or Live Trim Lessons.
Please select "OFFLINE PAYMENT" or "MANUAL PAYMENT" so that you are not charged additionally for the service. 


Available to HSO Subscribers and regular clients.  If you require emergency feedback on your hooves, with diagrams, a review of trim, or a Coaching Call to review, book these below at regular rates, and jump to the top of the cue for the very next available appointment. 

  • Urgent trim diagrams for your hooves.

    45 min

    85 euros
  • Disponible online

    Coaching Calls focusing on your Hooves and Hoofcare

    1 hr

    120 euros
  • Disponible online

    Live trimming instruction, worldwide

    40 min

    95 euros


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